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Brotherhood Across Borders: How a T.C. Soccer Team United Cultures and Created a Family

As the sun went down behind a soccer pitch in Alexandria one September evening, a group of teenage boys yelled enthusiastically as they raced across the turf, despite the stifling 95 degree heat.

Later, shirts were removed and water was poured over heads while others stood gasping for breath, hands on hips.

It is a scene replicated at pitches all over the city where youth soccer is king. Yet, listen closely and you notice something different going on here.

Over the roar of the nearby 495 freeway, the voices of Amharic, Arabic, Spanish and Tigrinya speakers mixed in with a smattering of broken English can be heard. At the last count, there were at least 11 different countries represented on their roster.

The players of Athletico, a team made up predominantly of students from the International Academy at T.C. Williams High School, have figured out a way to communicate through their feet even when the English language fails them.

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