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Did you know it costs $500 to send an Alexandria child to Alexandria Police Youth Camp for one week in the summer?


The Alexandria Police Youth Camp has a long and proud history. In 1936, the idea of a camp was born when Lt. Henry Grimm and Lt. Robert Brenner, both with the Alexandria Police Department, along with Jack Tullock, a sports reporter for the Alexandria Gazette, decided to find a place for the children of Alexandria in the summer time. Due to War World II, no immediate action was taken.

In 1946, the Alexandria Police Association (APA) endorsed the plan, appropriated $2,000, selected a Board of Directors, and authorized the officers to borrow $10,000 more to purchase a site for the camp.

In June 1946, the current 97-Acre site was purchased and funds were raised for overall construction and operation of the camp.

In June 1947, the camp was incorporated under the name of Alexandria Police Boy's Camp, Inc.


Since then the camp has become known as the Alexandria Police Youth Camp and accepts boys and girls, ages 9 to 15, to camp each summer. The Alexandria Police Officers provide both partial and full scholarships for Alexandria children who want to attend camp but cannot afford it. The determination for each child is made by the Board of Directors.


Alexandria Police officers donate their time and money to make sure no child is left behind. There is an annual Christmas Tree sale each year in Alexandria to help raise funds also.


Please consider making a donation to the camp. This past year, due to the pandemic, the camp did not accept any children to camp.  This year we are planning on sponsoring 20 children to camp.  This past year, we did make our annual donation to the camp which was used to update badly needed renovations on the Art Hall flooring.


You can make a donation here.


To find out more about the Youth Camp, click here.



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