Alexandria Police Foundation

Law Enforcement K9 provides an invaluable service to our community.  Once retired, most law enforcement agencies do not provide for the retirement care of their K9s.  Financially, quality K9 health care becomes the sole responsibility of the K9 handler and their family.

The Alexandria Police Foundation was originally founded in 2002 to provide essential health care for the retired K-9 dogs.  When one of our K9 dogs retires, they stay with their handler and their family.  Our police families care for these K9s in their retirement and do so without continuing medical coverage.

Currently we have 3 K9 dogs that are retired, G'Kar - 7 years old, Rocco - 9 years old and Gage - 9 years old.  These dogs have worked hard during their time with the department and deserve in their retirement to be cared for. 

The Alexandria Police Foundation provides law enforcement K9s with financial assistance for health care needs in order to sustain a good quality of life.

Support the retired K9's by making a donation in memory of K9 Gracie who lost her life on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2014.   Gracie served the City of Alexandria for five years.  In November 2013, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer and given only two to three months to live.  However, Gracie defied all odds and survived for more than a year.  Gracie loved to work and spend time with Officer Escobar and continued to work up until her death.  Since then we have also lost 3 of our older K9s, Ajax, Titan and Bosco.  













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